I have abundant reasons to be grateful for the healing...

I have abundant reasons to be grateful for the healing power of Christian Science. A number of years ago I received a severe internal strain in overlifting, which resulted in my going to the doctors in search of relief from great pain, but after several years of material medicine in various forms I was worse off than before. Each physician who attended me diagnosed my case differently, but none gave me any relief. One doctor gave me such strong medicine that the pain resulting from its use was indescribable.

This experience turned me against all doctors, although I was still hoping that some agency might heal me. I continued using herbs and several kinds of "home treatments," notwithstanding which I became increasingly worse and there was apparently not one sound organ in my body. My heart was so weak I could scarcely walk; I was constantly swelled about the abdomen, and had an aggravated form of piles which kept me awake a great deal at night, and for one year I did not have a natural movement of the bowels. Added to all this, my head ached constantly and an abnormal pressure of blood resulted in my eyes bulging unnaturally, accompanied by great pain. Indeed, I became entirely blind in the left eye. At stated intervals a cancerous growth, which had formed in my right breast, would harden and swell painfully, the pain extending to the shoulder, making my right arm lame. I truly believe I was one of the greatest sufferers upon earth, for life was a nightmare of pain, which resulted in mental unbalance.

Testimony of Healing
I should like to express my gratitude for the benefits...
October 8, 1921

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