I have had no doubt for a number of years that the understanding...

I have had no doubt for a number of years that the understanding and practice of Christian Science leads from the path of limitation, sickness, sin, and death to the way of perfect peace, prosperity, health, and life. We have had many physical healings, but it is the daily regeneration of thought and deed that makes us so grateful to Christ Jesus, the Way-shower, and to Mrs. Eddy, who so courageously followed in his footsteps that all the world might profit by her experience. How dark the night seems to the traveler on an unknown road, and how fearful he becomes at every shadow and sound. But when one is on a road with light ahead, each footstep guarded and every pitfall posted, no matter how hard and long the climb there is no place for discouragement, doubt, or fear to creep in.

The time when I am most thankful for Christian Science is when I think of the children and of the freedom it brings to them from the many beliefs of limitation by which they are surrounded. In our family we have had healings of colds, toothache, influenza, constipation, infection, and many other ills. One time when our oldest boy was ill with pneumonia we had some relatives in the house who were opposed to what they thought Christian Science to be, and they became alarmed over his condition and asked us to have a doctor. I called a physician, and I then went to the home of the practitioner and told her what I had done. I remember she said: "Never fear. Only Truth and Love can enter your home." She started to work immediately and I returned home. The child showed steady improvement from then on and was up for his evening meal. The doctor did not respond to the call and we have never known his reason for not doing so. The day after this experience the child was playing outdoors.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for Christian Science
October 8, 1921

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