The active, genuine Christian Scientist has a happy face; in fact, a sad-faced student of Christian Science is an anomaly, and very often a little introspection and careful thought as to the reason for any depression or unhappiness will quickly banish this anomaly and allow the real, happy nature of the student of Christian Science to appear, radiant and joyous. There is, perhaps, no outstanding feature that attracts more attention and comment from strangers at a Christian Science service than the happy expressions of those who are following its teaching, and in this connection it is often helpful to ask ourselves if we are really grateful for the good that Christian Science has brought into our lives.

Any active student of Christian Science can look back at the end of each year of his study and rejoice over some expression of good that has come into his experience during the year, which can be directly traced to a growing understanding of the teaching of Christian Science. At first, though gratefully acknowledging the source of this good, he may feel a sense of limitation and suppose that so much good cannot be anticipated during the coming year, and perhaps feel it necessary to be watchful lest a sense of disappointment arise at a seeming lack of progress.

October 8, 1921

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