In a letter signed by a physician the teachings of Christian Science...

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In a letter signed by a physician the teachings of Christian Science are alluded to as "illogical, contradictory, and absurd." While the writer of the letter apparently wishes to speak kindly of Christian Science, he seems unable to resist displaying some of the dogmatism which he admits is a feature of the medical profession. The time has happily passed when the teachings of Christian Science can be summarily dismissed by a wave of the hand, even though the hand may be that of a physician. In the present case, of course, what the doctor means is that from his point of view these teachings are what he has stated.

But then, one would hardly expect a physician, educated to treat the sick on a material basis, to indorse Christian Science, which heals upon an entirely spiritual basis. From his materialistic standpoint, Christian Science would naturally appear illogical and absurd; but it is to be noted that at the same time he deplores the extent of materialism in his own profession, so there is still the hope that, as he reaches out for something better than matter or the human mind has to offer, he may come to view the purely spiritual teachings of Christian Science with less disfavor and more intelligent appreciation.

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