A deep sense of gratitude prompts me to tell of the...

A deep sense of gratitude prompts me to tell of the blessings which have come to me through Christian Science, by way of deliverance from sickness of many years' standing. I had been ill nine, years, and seemed to have almost every disease that flesh is heir to,—fibroid tumors, abscess in the bowels that had been discharging for two years, sciatica, neuritis, a severe stomach and liver trouble, headache, and extreme nervousness. I had great fear of a mental disorder and passed such miserable, sleepless nights. Never either day or night was I free from pain.

At that time I was living in East St. Louis, Illinois, an invalid and a stranger. Everything the doctors could recommend had been tried, but everything had failed, and I knew there was no hope of help except from God. I wrote a letter to the First Reader of the Christian Science church, asking him to send some one to visit me. He immediately came to see me and gave me a treatment, with the result that I went to sleep at ten o'clock and slept all night. When I awoke I was lying on my back, all the pain was gone from my side, and my legs were stretched out. I got up and found I could stand and walk straight, something that had not been possible for two years. In two weeks the stomach trouble had disappeared. I ate everything I wanted and have continued to do so. The discharge from the abscess ceased the third week. There has never been another of those awful headaches, all sense of fear was overcome, I began to rest and feel happy, and such sweet sleep was experienced; sciatica and neuritis were relieved, and the soreness all through my body began to go—I could just feel myself getting well.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to testify to the great benefits I have received...
January 18, 1919

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