To hear of the healing of others, whether slow or fast, is encouraging to one who is seeking help in Christian Science. The writer well remembers how earnestly she listened to and also read the testimonies of those who had had slow healings. When reading of a healing that was accomplished in one treatment a sense of discouragement always presented itself. Error argued that the healing was not for her, although it might be all right for others. Often she would have gone back to material means, but these had failed so many times. Doctors had done their best to heal her of Bright's disease and had failed, but one day after she had come to Christian Science, when reading in the Bible, the words "God is no respecter of persons" seemed to stand out in bold relief, and then and there she saw that the delayed healing was not the fault of Principle but of the human application. Earnest work was then done with a new heart, and as she tried to apply the truth in daily life, little by little she became more loving, forgiving, less critical and selfish, and more charitable. It therefore followed that slowly but surely, during a period of about eight years, the healing was realized.

When a small child the writer remembers taking a trip on an Ohio River boat. Soon after starting, the boat entered the locks; great gates were closed in front and behind, and to the childish, impatient thought we were not making progress; but all the time we were being lifted higher by the accumulating water, and when the time came to go forward the gates were opened and we were carried in safety over a rockbottom, sandy river bed, which otherwise would have impeded our progress. This experience may be likened to the student's own progress in Christian Science. All the time that she was seemingly not making progress she was gaining enough understanding of Truth to carry her later in safety through some very trying experiences.

January 18, 1919

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