Christian Science declares that every spiritual fact has its material counterfeit, and nowhere is this more clearly shown than in the thought of separation. Since we as Christian Scientists have already accepted, and proven in some degree, the proposition that all is mental or spiritual, creation being the reflection of God, Spirit, it becomes evident that separation must be a purely mental process, an untangling of the so-called thoughts of mortal mind from the spiritual ideas which are born of God. True, absolutely speaking, the two phases of thought do not and cannot mingle, or rather, spiritual ideas are all that really exist; but to our present imperfect sense of things our consciousness seems a battle-ground between good and evil tendencies, and our daily work is to affirm and hold to all the strong, pure ideas which come from divine Mind, and to cast out by intelligent denial the falsehoods of mortal mind. This means constant watchfulness, unceasing mental work; and it is probable that few of us realize, until we take up this warfare, how purposeless is the common process which is usually dignified by the name, thinking. Mortal mind grasps like a child at the various objects which come before it, pleased, amused, or terrified, as the case may be, but it rarely follows a single train of though to a logical conclusion.

The true sense of separation consists in watching one's thoughts and casting out all that are weak, purposeless, or vicious. "Come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing." When we fully realize that this purified thought is the one and only channel by which divine Love and power may be brought to human consciousness, this realization arouses in us a new sense of individual responsibility, while it humbles all personal pride and self-assertion and brings us to our knees in gratitude for the privilege of such high service.

March 15, 1913

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