Christmas Lessons

With most of us, especially those who are no longer children, Christmas is a retrospective season, and we are apt to compare the past with the present, possibly to indulge in vain regrets for the days that are gone, when perchance the good we then had was little appreciated. In any event, it is surely well worth while to ask ourselves what lasting gain of joy and gladness is ours from these anniversaries, and what treasure of holy memories—of love, unselfishness, and forgiveness—we have laid up for the days and years to come. Some of the children count the dolls, the tops, and other toys which came to them at Christmas, and wonder if another season will bring as many gifts. The older people smile at this, knowing the transitory nature of toys, but do they inquire of themselves how much they have to show of the things that perish not "with the using"?

All this and much more comes to thought as we read the chapter on Christmas in "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany," and strive to reach the altitude of thought attained by our beloved Leader when she wrote (p. 262): "I celebrate Christmas with my soul, my spiritual sense, and so commemorate the entrance into human understanding of the Christ conceived of Spirit, of God and not of a woman—as the birth of Truth, the dawn of divine Love breaking upon the gloom of matter and evil with the glory of infinite being." As we ponder these words, we can be no less than grateful that through her teachings we have been in large measure freed from the tyranny of custom, and thus enabled to celebrate Christmas with our spiritual sense and witness to "the dawn of divine Love" in human consciousness. Thanks to Christian Science, our awakened spiritual sense pierces the gloom of mortal mind, sees the light of Truth, and hears above the rumors of strife and carnage the angels' sweet strain of promised peace on earth, and of "good will" not only to men, but among men.

December 20, 1913

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