"Speaking boldly in the Lord"

Among the authorized activities of the Christian Science church, none is more important than is that of the board of lectureship. No other is doing more to leaven the thought of the world in its inevitable progress from a very material concept of God, man, and the universe, to a better, higher, and infinitely spiritual concept. When Mrs. Eddy established this activity of the church which she founded, she had great hopes for its success, and it must have been a great joy to her to be able to write to the members of this board: "I am more than satisfied with your work: its grandeur almost surprises me;" also, "The Christ mode of understanding Life—of exterminating sin and suffering and their penalty, death—I have largely committed to you, my faithful witnesses. You go forth to face the foe with loving look and with the religion and philosophy of labor, duty, liberty, and love, to challenge universal indifference, chance, and creeds. Your highest inspiration is found nearest the divine Principle and nearest the scientific expression of Truth . . . Meet dispassionately the raging element of individual hate and counteract its most gigantic falsities" (The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, p. 248).

Because this work is so important, and because Christian Science has been so greatly misrepresented in the past, it is particularly gratifying to learn, as we do from reports received, that the lectures are now being more generally attended by large audiences than ever before. Another gratifying feature is that, because of the increased demand for opportunity to attend these lectures, a great many of the branch churches and societies are providing more than the minimum one lecture a year for which the by-laws call. Many of the churches, indeed, are giving two lectures each year, some three, some four, and some even six.

"Abundantly satisfied"
December 13, 1913

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