It should not be supposed that Christian Scientists are,...

The Republic

It should not be supposed that Christian Scientists are, or that they claim to be, entirely immune from sickness and suffering. They only claim that they are not sick as often as they formerly were; that when sick they recover more rapidly, because they have less fear of disease. Where they formerly depended upon matter to cure what they considered to be abnormal material conditions, now they recognize as the cause of disease, sin, fear, ignorance, superstition, envy, jealousy, hatred, anger, or some other erroneous condition of the human mind, and they seek its cure in divine Mind. Their experience has convinced them that they are in the direct line of scientifically overcoming sin, disease, and death—"the last enemy that shall be destroyed."

Paul said, "To be carnally minded [to believe that matter is substance and that evil is real] is death; but to be spiritually minded [right minded] is life and peace." Many intelligent physicians of wide experience in the practice of medicine have been compelled to agree with the statement of Christian Science that disease has a mental cause, and one of Chicago's well-known physicians has recently in a published interview said in substance that thousands of cases which have come under his observation as a medical practitioner convince him that disease has its origin in thought and must therefore be cured by right thinking. If this learned doctor's observations are correct,—and it can be easily demonstrated that they are,—then there certainly is nothing fantastic, irrational, nor absurd in the contention of Christian Science that inasmuch as disease has its origin in the erroneous thought modes of the human mind, its cure must be found in the right or spiritual thought modes which emanate from and pertain to the divine Mind, the Mind which is God.

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