In your issue of Aug. 23, "W. B." tells us that "all...

The Michigan Presbyterian

In your issue of Aug. 23, "W. B." tells us that "all that is valuable in Christian Science is the cultivation of a tranquil mind, and that we can have without following Mrs. Eddy." We are glad to notice, however, the admission that "Christian Science is a fact, and it has come to stay until the churches awake to the needs that Christian Science seems to supply."

Even if a "calm mind" were all that Christian Science had to show for the results of its teaching, it would certainly have a long mark to its credit. It was Mark Twain who, in quoting a Baptist minister's honest convictions as to Christian Science, said, "He [the Christian Scientist] has put all anxiety and fretting under his feet. What proportion of your earnings or income would you be willing to pay for that frame of mind, year in, year out? It really outvalues any price that can be put upon it. Where can you purchase it, at any outlay of any sort, in any church or out of it, except among Christian Scientists?"

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