I first heard of Christian Science about three years ago,...

I first heard of Christian Science about three years ago, and since then I have had many demonstrations of the power of divine Love. I now take the opportunity of telling others what a joy Christian Science has been to me, trusting that some one may be helped and encouraged as I have been through reading the testimonies of others. Some time ago I had an attack of St. Vitus's dance which lasted over a fortnight. I tried to overcome it, but found that I needed a little help, so I went to a practitioner and asked for treatment and after each treatment I felt better. I never remained away from work, although my fingers were sometimes burned, owing to the continual motion of my body. The final treatment was on a Sunday, just after I came in from our service, and was feeling rather worse. I had thought that every one would be looking at me, as I could not sit still, and I felt quite excited over this. I took up our text-book, and while reading came to the text. "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." As a higher sense of its meaning came to me, I was perfectly healed.

Another wonderful proof of God's allness was a case of instantaneous healing. I was taken ill one Saturday night at my work, and had to take an early train home and go off to bed. On Sunday morning I tried to get up, but fainted. Two other attempts were made with the same result. I then sent word to some one to take my place at the service as Second Reader, as I was unable to go. Later on, I was seized with a severe pain in the left side. My mother became very anxious and wanted to call in a doctor, but I refused to see him and asked her to send for a Christian Scientist who lived near. He came, and in about ten minutes the pain was gone. Then in the afternoon I became delirious and did not know any one. I was told afterwards that I had been constantly talking to those with whom I was associated in the workshop, and telling them of Christian Science. The practitioner called on his way from the evening service and found me in this state. I can remember that he asked the question, "Are you remembering that God is Love?" I regained consciousness for a little then, and I heard him saying, "I will read to you until you are well." I listened, and heard that beautiful passage from Science and Health where the testimony of Spirit is given (page 252). I then became perfectly clear and repeated the scientific statement of being (Science and Health, p. 468) along with him, and knew I was healed. I called my mother, who burst into tears of joy when she saw that I was well. I arose next morning and walked four and a half miles to my work, leaving home at six o'clock. I might mention that I had been attacked with great spitting of blood at this time, which, however, stopped at once. It was really a beautiful proof of the power of Truth which makes us free.

Testimony of Healing
I had been drifting along somewhat carelessly; had...
June 24, 1905

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