While at the opening service of our beautiful new...

While at the opening service of our beautiful new church, May 29, 1904, watching streams of people who entered the auditorium even after all seats were taken, memory went back over the years I have studied and endeavored to live Christian Science, and a desire came to write of my healing. In the fall of 1885 my attention was first called to the subject by an article in the daily press calling it mind cure, a fad that had come from Boston, concluding with, "Why might it not be possible that disease may be cured by mind?" Shortly after a neighbor gave me an address where treatments were given and advised a trial. At this time I was afflicted with what three doctors had called valvular heart trouble, and other minor diseases. They had warned me against being active, and the only remedy they prescribed was whiskey. They said that at best I could live only a few months longer. My husband was almost blind—one eye had been entirely destroyed by an accident, and the other had been all but useless from birth. We had a family of small children to support, with little promise of success. We seriously pondered the trying of the new method, and in January, 1886, I ventured to ask for treatment, resolved that nothing should come between me and my faith in the one true God. I was informed that this was not mind cure, but Christian Science. The interest and kindness shown one who had nothing to give in return, cleared away all my reluctance, and I had my first treatment.

The third day I wondered what this assurance of all good toward me was. The answer came with an abiding conviction: It is the re-appearance of Immanuel, God-with-us, as manifested by Jesus. My healing was slow, but complete, as an active and industrious life has proven. My husband has also had treatment, and his sight has improved sufficiently for him to earn a living for his family. Christian Science has proved a preventive of disease; our children grew up into manhood and womanhood, healthy and happy.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for what Christian Science...
June 24, 1905

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