The Christian Scientist in Business

The statement that a Christian Scientist's religion is applicable to the every-day affairs of the business man, usually arouses, in the minds of those not possessing an understanding of this Science, opposition varying from incredulity to downright condemnation of such a course as being a sacrilegious desecration of sacred things for money-getting. Perhaps this opposition is explainable on the ground that the usual concept of God, as the ruler of the universe, is that of a monarch with enlarged powers, from whom it would be presumption to expect attention to the details of existence. But with the understanding of God as ever-present, ever-operative Principle, what is there remarkable or objectionable in relying upon that Principle always and everywhere. It will be admitted that the true religious element in man—honesty, with faith in God and in his fellow-man—governs the basic laws of economics; why, then, should not that same element, properly directed, be equally applicable to the minutiæ of business?

The Scientist, understanding that every thing and every condition, stripped of the material beliefs hiding its reality, is a manifestation of Truth, looks for and declares for this spiritual fact under all circumstances; and since Truth is the real and its opposite, error, the unreal, little by little, in proportion as he knows this to be so, will he bring Truth into manifestation, and be guided by it in all his transactions.

April 1, 1905

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