For thirteen years I was almost a confirmed invalid,...

For thirteen years I was almost a confirmed invalid, suffering from an injury of the spine caused by a severe jar received when jumping from a carriage, and producing acute inflammation and double curvature of the spine, together with nervous prostration,—announced as such by several physicians, including one specialist. During these thirteen years I was placed under the care of very many prominent physicians. All this time I was without a day free from pain, and was confined to a couch from three to ten months each year, steadily growing worse, until the sentence had been given that there was no cure, and that it was merely a question of a few months until the end should come.

At this time, after nearly every known remedy had been tried without success, Christian Science was finally brought to my notice and accepted as a drowning man clutches at a straw. After learning that it was through the power of God the healing was performed, my desire was to be cured at once, and also to make Science and Health coincide with my own idea of the Bible. It was a surprise to me that my health was not restored during the first ten treatments, but that instead my condition was seemingly worse, mentally and physically, causing me to think that Christian Science was of no avail. However, man's extremity is God's opportunity.

April 1, 1905

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