My wife and I became interested in Christian Science...

My wife and I became interested in Christian Science ten years ago, at first through the healing of our daughter of astigmatism, and this circumstance caused me to investigate personally the teachings of Christian Science. Like a great many other people who have dispassionately investigated these teachings, I soon learned that there is nothing whatever in them to justify the impressions and prejudices which I had previously formed with regard to Christian Science and Christian Scientists. At the time our daughter's eyes were treated by a Christian Scientist, who, by the way, is one of the most prominent business men of our country to-day, my wife was in particularly poor health, and our attending family physician, a man of good repute, considered her ailments at this time as practically incurable from a medical standpoint. He thought it best that we should remove from Kansas City, Mo., where we then resided, to some locality possessing, in his opinion, a more healthful climate.

Our daughter's eyes were healed on a Sunday afternoon in May, 1895, and my wife and myself took the Christian Science text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and went to our room that we might carefully investigate what that book contained. We put in from four o'clock Sunday afternoon until one o'clock Monday morning, reading and discussing its teachings, and I want to say, as I have said on other occasions, that we found between the covers of this book the grandest conception of God, the most intelligent explanation of Jesus' life, his teachings and his works, and the highest ideal of manhood ever brought to our consideration. For the first time in our lives did we seem to get that spiritual food,—that bread from heaven,—for which we had hungered, although we had always been members of a church. At the time we were reading Science and Health, this Sunday night, I was wearing glasses on account of astigmatism. Monday morning at the breakfast table I discovered that I no longer needed to wear them as my eyes had been healed in reading this book. Neither my daughter nor myself have ever had any occasion to wear glasses from that time to the present, and neither of us has ever suffered from the headaches which are supposed to attend the difficulty mentioned, where one uses the eyes when so afflicted without glasses.

Testimony of Healing
For thirteen years I was almost a confirmed invalid,...
April 1, 1905

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