I wish to express my gratitude for the article in the Sentinel...

I wish to express my gratitude for the article in the Sentinel of January 23, "Physician Heal Thyself," which impressed me deeply and inspired me when put to the test a few hours later. On waking the following morning I had the sense of an extreme cold on the lungs, sore throat, and aching all over the body, which I immediately denied, and went about my duties as usual; but by noon a high fever with frequent chills tried to manifest itself. I however, took a necessary trip of about ten miles with a good deal of exposure to the weather, still working very diligently to keep my thought clear. On returning home, I remained up until tea was over; read our Science literature for two hours after retiring, and fell asleep with symptoms seemingly unchanged, but knowing that I was in the hands of God, who is the greatest of physicians, and that I had no thoughts apart from Him, hence, all was health, life, and holiness.

I slept well all night, waked at the usual time, perfectly sound in every way, and thanked God for the healing.

Testimony of Healing
From being a tired, cross, and nervous woman I have...
October 22, 1904

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