Looking at Things Unseen

Hoopeston (III.) Herald

Many careless or thoughtless people declare: "I will believe nothing that I cannot see, or know through the senses." This declaration may lead others to put off the day of learning of the real and eternal, because it sounds to them like being on guard against what is unreliable.

A little thought, however, will show such an one that he is believing many things that his material senses have not taught him because their testimony is opposed to what he knows is true. He sees the sun seem to rise in the east and set in the west, but he knows that this is caused by the revolution of the earth from west to east. He sees a flat earth, but he does not believe it is flat, as did people in olden times, for he knows that science has proved that the earth is round. He certainly cannot see or perceive through material sense, the passage of sound through the telephone, nor the transmission of messages by wireless telegraphy. He will find so many things all about him that he accepts because they have been demonstrated to be true, yet which he can neither see, hear, feel, taste, nor smell, that he will be forced to admit his mistake.

Opposition to Mind
May 2, 1903

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