Choosing the Better Part

"Here is my new Science and Health." That is a pleasant greeting from a boy friend, is it not? Several boys have at various times met me with words like these. Perhaps some other boys and girls would like to know one or two instances of how the book was gotten for "my very own."

One boy earned money for a pocket edition by helping the janitor at his school to sweep and dust after school hours. Another boy is "saving up." His work this summer is helping to clean harvesting machines which have been under muddy water. Some of his earnings he uses for clothing, but he is keeping in view the getting of his own book. There is no Science and Health in his home, so he will be glad, when he gets one. His parents will also be glad, for they are all grateful for the truth. When telling of his work, this boy was asked how a Christian Scientist should do work. His reply was, "Right, every bit of it. You can't do it any other way. You have to take every bit of the machine to pieces and clean inside and every little place."

One Reality
October 31, 1903

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