Among the Churches

Several years ago a few seekers after Truth began meeting at private houses for the study of the Quarterly Bible Lessons, and two Readers were chosen as soon as there were two of their number who were members of the Mother Church. Numbers increased so that in October, 1899, a small hall on one of the principal streets was hired and furnished. The attendance, from fifteen to twenty-five, would have been larger had several of our number not moved away. October 1, 1901, the only members here of the Mother Church, five in all, met and organized First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Dover, and received papers of incorporation from the state.

God has cared for this little church, and by the Christ-love and unity of its Directors and members the claims of error, which would separate and scatter this planting of the Lord, are being proved powerless, and new members have been added at each communion.

The Sky of the Heart
December 4, 1902

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