Tobacco and Liquor Habits Destroyed

It is nearly four years since I became interested in Christian Science. A friend gave me some Christian Science literature and asked me to read it. I did so, but as I had always possessed good health I paid very little attention to it. My friend continued to give me literature from time to time, One day my eye caught something in the Journai that seemed to me to be sound common sense, and by reading a little more I learned that Christian Science was quite different from what I had thought it to be. My friend then loaned me "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." I set to work to find out all I could. I had not read it very long before I pronounced it the most wonderful book I had ever seen. Well do I remember how I enjoyed reading that book! I could not have been more interested and delighted over a gold mine had I discovered one, and to-day, after nearly four years of patient and persistent study, it is worth to me more than all the gold the world has ever seen or ever will see.

Before I began the study of Christian Science my custom was to sit down every night after supper with my jug of beer, my pipe, and my newspaper, and read and smoke and drink until it was time to go to bed. I commenced to read Science and Health in my usual way, with my pipe and jug of beer, and would sit reading until morning. Often I went to bed just because I thought I had read enough for one night. After I had been reading Science and Health about a month my wife informed me that my beer was nearly gone and I had better see about getting another barrel. I told her that I thought I would not get any more beer. I wanted to get a copy of Science and Health of my own instead of the beer. She said I could please myself about it, but told me it was foolish of me to think I could get along without the beer when I had used it over thirty years, and had proved that I could not get along without it.

Testimony of Healing
All Questions Answered in Christian Science
August 9, 1900

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