A Testimony from England

After reading the article in the Sentinel entitled "A few Suggestions," I feel ashamed of myself for never having contributed to the Journal or Sentinel my share of acknowledged blessings. I think the difficulty is, one never knows which one to specialize, as blessings are so numerous. Perhaps, as this is my first contribution to our publications, I should retrospect a little, and tell how I heard of Christian Science.

I have been in Science nearly two years, and I wonder how I could possibly have lived without it before, but it came to me as it comes to every earnest seeker for Truth—just when I most needed it. Two loyal Christian Scientists, visiting the little seaside resort on the coast of France where I then lived, were the first to tell me the glad tidings. I knew it was the further revelation of Truth and Love I had been longing for. As I have so often expressed to friends, it seemed as though the cord that had tethered me so long in the narrow limits of mortal mind had been suddenly cut, and I knew myself free! I was filled with joy! My first impulse, and one which I acted on, was to tell the wonderful news to all my friends and relatives near and far. Here I had my first lesson to learn. To my surprise and disappointment, not one of them believed my report. Then I found out my mistake, and by degrees learned the lesson all young Scientists must learn, that we must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, and not thrust our views upon others, even though they are very real and true to us. Our zeal must be according to knowledge, for actions speak louder words. As some one has well said, "One truth lived is worth a thousand only uttered." I know that sooner or later all peoples shall know the Truth, from the least to the greatest, and every sincere Scientist can hasten this good time by living the Truth in thought, word, and deed, in whatever sphere he or she may be placed.

Testimony of Healing
Tobacco and Liquor Habits Destroyed
August 9, 1900

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