Healed while Attending a Christian Science Lecture

Almost two years ago a neighbor invited me to attend a lecture on Christian Science, and I promised her I would. The night of the lecture was a very stormy one, but I felt that I must go and at least keep my promise. The lecture was almost without meaning to me, but the happy, intelligent, and peaceful expression on the Scientists' faces, made me feel that they had something priceless. The next day after the lecture, I felt perfectly well and happy, and I did much without reaching the point where I felt that I must not do any more that day, as I had used up all the strength I had.

I spoke to this friend about my joy and strength and asked her why I felt this great change, and she said, "Perhaps you were healed at our meeting last night, as there have been such cases." With deep gratitude I can honestly say I was. The troubles were organic; one of them a case of hemorrholds that I was told was inherited, and no permanent cure could be effected.

Testimony of Healing
From a Trained Nurse
June 7, 1900

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