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The Chautauquan prints the following: "Our Puritan ancestors regarded the worthies of Scripture with such reverence that they gave to their children as Christian names Ebenezer, Nebuchadnezzar, Obadiah, Hannah, Abigail, and Mehitabel. That this custom is not entirely obsolete is shown in the fact that only a generation ago, when to a proud father of seven Sons and two daughters came the crowning joy of his life in the birth of a third daughter, he chose her name from the Puritanical standpoint. A close student of Scripture history, he recognized the coincidence that in sex and numbers his family was the same as that of job; therefore, regardless of all protests, he followed literally the words of the Old Testament. He called the name of the third, Keren-hap puch."

The Christian Register publishes a sermon by Rev. Alexander T. Bowser from which we extract the following: "Little good will come to us to believe that Jesus shared the God-life, unless we see that we, too, as his brethren, may share the same life, and become the channels through which it shall pour into the heart and souls of all with whom we come in contact. All are partakers with him in this life more abundant. All may become, like him, the mediators of the divine fulness. Even the prodigal. who has spent all, and is perishing with hunger, needs only come to himself to have this divine energy flow into him in cleansing, healing renewing, life-giving current."

October 25, 1900

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