Completely Healed by Christian Science

Two years ago this summer, a lady called for treatment. She said she was in great trouble; had buried her husband and two sons, and at that time was living alone. In addition to this, she had lost her health. She had been a great sufferer from sciatica and had been able to walk only by stepping on the fore part of the foot. For two years she had an internal disease that the physicians said was a cancer. They advised a surgical operation, but she would not submit to it.

Her great desire was to go to a friend who lived two hundred miles way. After listening to her story, I told her of God's love, how it healed the sick and brokenhearted. With this realization she lost her sense of suffering, for she exclaimed, "There is something here I never felt before; it is God with us, isn't it?" I said, "It surely is, and He is always with us. She promised to get Science and Health and do all she could to help herself. When she arose to go she exclaimed, "My foot is well, for I can put it down naturally and I feel sure I am healed of that trouble." She walked down the street as well as any one.

In a few days I received a letter saying that after riding two hours in an electric car she reached home feeling so well that she went to the Publishing House (five miles distant) and bought Science and Health and decided to start the next morning for the country. She slept all night and arose feeling assured that God was still with her. After traveling all day (riding several hours in a carriage over the hills), she reached her friends. To her astonishment she had felt no pain or weakness internally since her first treatment. Every letter stated, "I have not had a symptom of the old trouble. Am gaining in flesh and am perfectly happy." I treated her two weeks. She then said she would come and see me on her return. Two months later she called; I could scarcely believe it was the same person. She expressed such youth and vigor, and with it a sweet look of peace and rest.

Testimony of Healing
An Experience with Dental Work
October 25, 1900

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