If you take two pieces of metal, one a polished plane, the other a rough unpolished piece of the same material, and place them in the direct rays of light, coming through a small aperture in a darkened room, you will see, not the polished metal, but an image of the sun reflected from its surface with dazzling brilliancy, while the unpolished metal is plainly visible, with all its angular outline in bold relief. The reason for this phenomenon is that the polished metal is a perfect reflector, turning back every ray of light which falls upon it, thus forming a perfect image of whatever is placed before it; while the other, having a rough surface diffuses the light in such a manner as to make itself alone visible.

This is a fair illustration of individual consciousness. If through Science or suffering the rough surface of thought is made smooth, the mountains of selfishness laid low, it is thereby prepared to reflect the image of ever-present Mind, in loving thoughts and deeds. Such an one knows no self but gives all glory to God.

Testimony of Healing
Awakened to a New Life
October 25, 1900

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