An Atheist's View of Christian Science

Duluth (Minn.) Tribunal

IN these days, there are all sorts of views of Christian Science. Some very intelligent and well-informed people believe in it implicity. Some think "there is something in it," but they cannot swallow it all, and some reject it in toto—some for one reason and some for another. The orthodox clergy object to it because they say it is un-Christian and the orthodox physicians object to it because, as they allege, it is unscientific; but now here comes the editor of an atheistic paper—the Truthseeker—in New York, who, while he objects to Christian Science on general principles, takes the orthodox to task for opposing it. Amongst other things, he says,—

"The present semi-crusade against so-called Christian Science is a most inconsistent movement on the part of Christians who are making it. Not that the superstition does not need denouncing, and its victims enlightenment, but the Christian are not the ones qualified to do it.

An Attorney-General's Opinion
August 3, 1899

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