A Suggestion

ONE of the best proofs that Christian Science is the Truth is the opposition it meets with in certain seemingly influential and powerful quarters. The secular press is as a body, disposed to be fair and impartial to our Cause, as well as all questions of import to the people. The editors of these papers doubtless read far more literature prejudicial to Christian Science than favorable to it. Thus to some extent they may become biased in their views by unreasonable and unjust criticism if not balanced by a great degree of equity and opposing evidence constituting facts and results.

The Christian Science Journal and Sentinel, as the official organs of our cause, contain a great amount of reading matter which exactly fills this need. Then it would seem a duty as well as a privilege for every Church and Society in the Field to see that each paper in their town (at least those of pronounced influence) is supplied regularly, by subscription, with these two important journals. The cost to each church would be small, and the results would naturally be of nearly incalcuable value to our Cause. Let all consider this question, and act as Truth leads them.

August 3, 1899

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