Medical Bill Vetoed

The Colorado Legislature at its recent session passed a restrictive medical bill, aimed, of course, largely at Christian Science. Its passage seems to have been a surprise to every one, and was doubtless hastily done. Fortunately, however, it could not become a law without the governor's endorsement and signature.

Governor Charles S. Thomas of that state, is too astute a lawyer not to have seen the weakness of the bill, its character as class legislation, as oppressive and tyrannical, and its invasion of civil and religious rights. He is, also, too just a man, and too pronounced in his opposition to trusts and monopolies of every kind, to have given his consent to so flagrant an attempt at trust legislation as that embraced in this medical bill. He, therefore, vetoed it. His veto message will, in our opinion, rank among the great state papers of the present decade. It is broad, liberal, and able from every point of view, but especially the legal.

Doubting Thomas
May 11, 1899

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