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On another page will be found a copy of a medical bill introduced by Mr. J. H. Hawthorne of Kansas City. This bill protects minority interests and has the support of many homeopaths. While no advocate of any medical bill, we should prefer to see the Hawthorne bill becoming a law rather than any of those infamous measures that place all power in the hands of allopaths. As the homeopaths may be said to be favorable to the Hawthorne bill, this measure will demonstrate to the public that homeopaths are not averse to a measure that really elevates the standard of medical proficiency but are unalterably opposed to one that places them in the clutches of their natural enemies.

We have just perused a copy of a medical bill that has been evolved by the committee of the lower house as a committee bill in substitution for the Wilson bill. The principal change in the original Wilson bill is that of the heading wherein it is designated a committee bill. Only two amendments are made to the Wilson bill as orignally introduced; one is to reduce the charge for examination from twenty-five dollars to ten dollars, and the other is to define what is to be regarded as practicing medicine so as to include everything that may be done for the purpose of healing the sick. The bill thus makes it a criminal offence for a Christian Scientist, an osteopath, or any other healer to practice their professed healing powers without first passing an examination before the State Board in the various branches of medicine.

No Colds in Alaska
March 23, 1899

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