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In his Thanksgiving speech Ambassador Choate said, "Let England and America clasp hands across the sea, and the peace of the world would be absolutely secure." Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, Secretary of State for the British colonies, on the same date delivered a speech in which he said: "The union, or alliance, if you please, between these two great nations, Great Britain and the United States, is a guarantee of the peace of the world." The remark has occasioned a great deal of comment all over Europe, and numerous inquiries have been received at Washington regarding the alliance. It was declared that no alliance exists with England or Germany, and none is contemplated by the President. Secretary Hay declared that no alliance exists between the United States and any other power, except the treaties of ordinary international friendship for the purpose of business and commerce, and these are all known to the world.

The annual report of the commissioner of internal revenues shows that the receipts from all sources for the year ending June 30, 1899, aggregated $273,484,573. The total amount expended in collection of internal revenues during the last fiscal year was $4,591,754, or 1.68 per cent of the collections. This percentage of cost is the smallest in the history of the bureau. The receipts of the first four months amounted to $103,103,485, an increase of nearly ten million dollars over the receipts of the corresponding period last year.

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December 7, 1899

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