When my youngest child was six months old he swallowed...

When my youngest child was six months old he swallowed corrosive sublimate. Feeling that I must have help I sent for a Scientist who lived near, but she had left home for the day, so I felt that I had the work to do myself, and yet not I, but "God, who worketh in me."

In the mean time, my baby had become partially unconscious, moaning, and twitching, and the change in his appearance was marked; but I tried to realize the Omnipresence of God, and suddenly all fear left me and I knew that the error would be cast out. Then the little one began to vomit, and the strain was so great that my daughter feared that he would suffocate. In a few minutes he fell back in my arms, and I knew that he was well, although his sister thought he was dead. Soon his breathing proved that he was asleep, and he slept for two hours and awoke perfectly well. He is now eight years old, and is and always has been a strong, healthy, happy boy.

Testimony of Healing
There are a few earnest workers in Christian Science here...
January 19, 1899

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