About Christian Science

To the Editor of the Indianapolis Journal:—

It seems to me there is a world of needless pother about Christian Science and a deal of gratuitous advertising of it that it does not merit, and what is remarkable is that the advertising is all in the religious press and under the guise of criticism and fault-finding. Even the Journal, to show that it is religiously inclined, especially on Sundays, in addition to its excellent sermon and other religious reading, gave us last Sunday an editorial criticism of Christian Science that would have done credit to the Christian Advocate or the Independent. What is further remarkable in these criticisms is, they are never truthful, and seem to desire not to be—that is, they suppress material facts or pervent them so as not to tell the whole truth. The Journal's editorial, however, lacked one element which characterizes some, if not all, the religious papers. These seem to have discovered that, after all, whatever of good is in Christian Science, so-called, is found in Buddhism and other Oriental religions, and it is sacrilegious to transplant it into Christian countries and name it Christian Science, whereas it is older than Christianity itself, if there is anything at all in it. This, in their logic, is conclusively fatal to its merits, and must settle the question with all Christians who believe that all creation outside Christian countries is outside the tender regards of the All-Father, most of them including in this reprobate class all Christians who do not see the Christ through the colored glasses they use. They think the other sheep of whom the Master spoke who do not belong to their little fold are very few and to be greatly pitied; hence the binding obligation to contribute liberally to foreign missions that all these may be cared for in the one fold.

Supreme power of Mind Rules
January 19, 1899

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