Unreality of Evil

It is often objected against Christian Science that it denies the reality of evil, in whatever form it may seem to manifest itself, and yet does not explain its origin or cause, and this is called unscientific and illogical. But surely it rests with those who claim that evil is a reality, to explain its origin and cause. Who can explain the origin of that which has no origin, because it is not, never was, and never will be? Should we expect to find in a book on the Science of arithmetic an account of the origin and properties of nought? What child fails to understand that the symbol "0" represents the absence of something? And, having grasped that, what child or grown person would ask to know more?

Should we look in a scientific work for the history of that which is unscientific? The only notice which Science takes of any unscientific statement, is to deny it and prove its falsity. Euclid disposes of propositions that are not in accord with the principles of mathematics, by the method called, "Reductio ad absurdum," and this is how Christian Science deals with the false concept called evil.

A Newspaper for All the People
January 19, 1899

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