Mr. Dwight L. Moody recently preached a sermon in the Congregational Church at Northfield, Mass., having for his subject, "The Return of our Lord," from which we quote:—

"There is one thing in which we churches all agree, and that is that our Lord is coming back. I do not want to teach dogmatically on my own authority, but to my mind this precious doctrine, for such I must call it, of the return of the Lord to this earth is taught in the New Testament as clearly as any doctrine in it. Whoever neglects this has only a mutilated Gospel, for the Bible teaches not only of the death and sufferings of Christ, but also of His return to reign in honor and glory. His second coming is mentioned and referred to over three hundred times, yet I was in the church fifteen or sixteen years before I ever heard a sermon on it. There is hardly any church that does not make a great deal of baptism, but in all Paul's epistles I believe baptism is spoken of only thirteen times, while he speaks about the return of our Lord fifty times.

September 22, 1898

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