A young man, the son of a Scientist, but who was not interested in Science himself, fell from an excursion train while it was yet in motion, landing on his head and becoming unconscious for a time. His scalp was torn from his head and hung down over his cheek; there were bruises about the face and one eye was in a very bad condition. With the aid of a companion he made his way to his home a mile distant through back streets, fearing that, if he encountered a policeman, he would be taken to a hospital, of which he had a horror. He wished to go home and have his mother treat him.

When he reached home, his mother and sister immediately put down their sense of fear and realized the ever-present Good. I was then asked to take the case. A doctor who was summoned for the surgical part, sewed up the scalp, taking twenty-one stitches. He wished to have the young man taken to a hospital, but the mother would not consent. During his visit he picked up the Christian Science Hymnal and smiled in a knowing way; then turning to the mother he tried to impress her with the seriousness of the case, and cautioned her to watch for signs of twitching during the night, assuring her that such signs would develop into convulsions and result in a speedy death if he were not immediately summoned.

October 27, 1898

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