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'To Bless All Mankind'

Unity in diversity

It’s an indisputable fact that we live in a world of sharply divided opinion. Many sincere thinkers are devoting time and energy to finding answers.

The call for citizens to ‘go local’

This year there have been calls for more local control from many politicians in France, Britain, Italy, and elsewhere. A similar move toward localism has emerged in the United States, across the political spectrum.

Turning enemies into friends

Pastor James Wuye and Imam Muhammad Ashafa are unlikely friends. At one time both men plotted to kill each other and sowed hatred among their fundamentalist followers, fueling a deadly rivalry.

When disaster brings reconciliation

Natural disasters often create unexpected bonds between people, even between longtime rivals, which can then alter the course of history. A good example was earlier this year, when armed rebels in Colombia made an offer to assist in the recovery of a town hit by a flood.

A fresh look at possibilities for good

The approach that is changing lives in Haiti (see editorial on facing page) indicates that the potential for good and success is inherent in everyone. My understanding of this inherent goodness has deepened through the study and practice of Christian Science.

A lesson on UN peacekeeping—from Haiti

United Nations peacekeeping forces in Haiti are on track to be withdrawn soon, a result of progress in reducing violence on the Caribbean island. “Security is not perfect, but I think it is much better,” said head of UN peacekeeping Hervé Ladsous.

Changing course

Patterns of destruction and corruption are at the heart of many problems today—from the abuse of power in politics to the conflicts creating famine in Africa. When solutions require a redirection away from destructive behavior, is it reasonable to expect that we can make a course correction? This question is rooted in the fundamental and timeless inquiry of what we actually are.

Children at risk in famine: Why there’s hope

Nearly 1. 4 million children are at “imminent risk” of death due to famine in four countries, according to the United Nations International Children’s Fund.

The ‘creative Principle’ we reflect

The ability to express creativity and innovation doesn’t belong just to people of a certain nationality or in a certain line of work; it applies to all of us. Thinking about the global need for innovative growth—as the editorial on the facing page points to—I’m reminded of this statement by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science: “The creative Principle—Life, Truth, and Love—is God” ( Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p.

China’s source of creative growth

China’s premier, Li Keqiang, recently offered a simple solution for his country’s biggest problem, which is that the world’s second-largest economy is growing at its lowest rate in a quarter century. The solution, said Mr.