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'To Bless All Mankind'

True womanhood has no limitations

Considering the implications of giving Saudi women the right to drive (see editorial on facing page) helped me appreciate my own journey in breaking barriers in thought regarding women. For instance, I once was appointed to a position that automatically made me a member of a regional ecumenical group of about ten members.

Saudi Arabia hands women the keys

Most nations are in a race for higher levels of innovation and none more so than Saudi Arabia. It is desperate for investments that tap its people’s talents for new industries, not its dwindling reserves of crude oil.

Everyone can win gold for integrity!

It’s so encouraging to hear how athletes have been taking a strong ethical stand for fair, drug-free play in the Olympic Games (see editorial on facing page). In significant ways, honesty and integrity bless.

Olympic-class athletes find their voice of integrity

Many Olympic athletes, of course, exhibit the finest qualities of sports, such as excellence, discipline, and teamwork. But lately they have also showed immense integrity.

Leading with humility

It’s tempting to buy into the common belief that having a high opinion of oneself is the route to accomplishing great things. But the greatest leader of all time, Christ Jesus, whose life and teachings have healed countless people and inspired billions to become Christians, said, “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth” ( Matthew 5:5 ).

After a steelmaker’s deception, steps to restore trust

The head of Kobe Steel, a giant manufacturer of metal products in Japan, made a rare admission on October 12, 2017. After admitting his company had long lied about the quality of its materials, which are used worldwide in products from cars to computer chips, Hiroya Kawasaki added: “Trust in our company has dropped to zero.

‘Thoughts and prayers’: beyond cliché to effective response

“Thoughts and prayers. ” This sentiment often permeates social media following tragic events.

The lights must shine on

When the final history of October’s mass killing in Las Vegas is written, it will not be complete without a mass retelling of how people responded during the carnage: Of how strangers helped strangers escape the sniper’s bullets. Of how concertgoers fell on others to shield them.

Is truth dead?

“The question, ‘What is Truth,’ convulses the world,” wrote Mary Baker Eddy, an astute observer of the world ( Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 223 ).

Latin America’s anti-graft earthquake

When an earthquake rattled central Mexico in September and dozens of buildings collapsed, Mexicans rallied by the thousands to rescue trapped survivors. Now many Mexicans realize corruption in the enforcement of building codes may have added to the size of the death toll of at least 369.