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'To Bless All Mankind'

Be an Ananias

Crime has recently dropped in New York City, and some say it’s because of a shift in thinking about policing. The Monitor’ s editorial board writes: “If police view gang leaders … as capable of a life without crime, then the gang leaders might not see themselves as criminals.

The Big Apple’s big drop in crime

It’s an odd question: Should police be fighting criminals—or crime? Yet in today’s law enforcement, such a distinction between action and actor is not seen as odd. And this might help explain why New York has achieved one of the lowest crimes rates the city has ever seen.

One God—one family

The editorial on the facing page tells of religious groups rallying to support a Jewish temple whose cemetery had been vandalized. The spontaneous outpouring of kindness—practical and prayerful—was an encouraging example of unity and love.

Meeting hate with love in St. Louis

After vandals damaged nearly 200 tombstones in a Jewish cemetery near St. Louis, Missouri, in February, it wasn’t only Jews who rose up to denounce the act of hate.

Praying for those in Mosul

As our hearts go out to the people in Mosul, Iraq, who are trapped in areas still under the control of the Islamic State, we may wonder how we can be of help. Heartfelt prayer can not only uplift our own thoughts but also open a window of light that can embrace and bless those we’re praying for.

A ring of care for Mosul’s civilians

The battle to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from Islamic State, which began this past fall, has now become the most intense urban warfare since World War II. Street-to-street fighting in Mosul’s western and older section has put Iraqi forces to the test against ISIS fighters, who took Iraq’s second-largest city in 2014.

Balance begins with God

I was exhausted. I’d worked until almost midnight, come home, slept for an hour and a half, and now I was sitting in my study at 2:30 a.

For young or old, the 21st-century workplace is a challenge

A new French law that took effect January 1 asks employers to protect their workers from having to respond to work-related texts or emails after office hours. But the well-intentioned legislation may end up being no more effective than was the decree of medieval King Canute as he watched the ocean’s tides disobey his command to cease their advance.

Listening to, and loving, one another

The Greek philosopher Epictetus said, “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. ” It’s useful advice.

The power in welcoming alternative views

Perhaps no other part of US government has had to learn the value of encouraging differing points of views—and then listening to them—as much as the Central Intelligence Agency. A core strength of democratic government lies in its humility to welcome alternative ideas, even to pursue them.