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'To Bless All Mankind'

Truth and fake news

Recent world events have brought the problem of fake news—information that is misleading or false but designed to be taken as truth—to the fore. There’s another kind of fake news that for too long has gotten away with being seen as credible—“news” coming to us daily through the physical senses, including the news about our own health.

Seeking truth, 21st-century style

Last year, the Oxford Dictionaries declared post-truth as the international word of the year. Worries have grown that people are losing some common definition of what is true.

The vital role of education to global prosperity

As a new English as a second language teacher of nine- and ten-year-olds in Texas many years ago, I was profoundly aware of the large gap between my students and those in the mainstream classes. So it was heartwarming when one of my former students found me on Facebook recently to share that she had graduated from college with a professional degree.

Why ten-year-old girls can lift the world

Speaking at a conference in October, Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai recalled a childhood friend in Pakistan who was forced to marry at age 11, ending her life as a school student. Ms.

I was a “problem gambler” in my 20s, playing the fruit machines (one-armed bandits) in the West End of London, day in and day out. On the occasional time when I managed to leave victorious over the odds, the glow of victory was short-lived.

Britain’s rethink of gambling

Britain’s government under Prime Minister Theresa May has decided that state-regulated gambling may be out of control. One sign: Personal losses from gambling rose 12 percent in 2015.

Prayer that is dependable

Why does “#prayfor” have such staying power? This begs the further question of what prayer is, and whether it can truly lead to help and healing. Many people around the world, including me, have found that indeed it can.

Why the tweet #prayfor has staying power

A popular hashtag on Twitter these days starts with #prayfor, followed by the place of a major tragedy, such as #prayforAleppo or #prayforOrlando. In the United States, major media have begun to take note of the high number of prayer services held in religious institutions, especially after such tragedies.

Breaking through victimization

I am so inspired by the account of the Nigerian woman photographing her people’s strength and joy, encouraging them to rise above hopelessness, to uphold their dignity, and to help one another (see editorial on facing page). No matter how difficult our circumstances may be, we can turn away from hopelessness to something greater and more powerful.

A counter-narrative for Boko Haram’s victims

Nigeria’s war on the jihadist group Boko Haram is largely succeeding, bringing a relative calm to the country’s devastated northeast. Since 2009, the insurgents have killed more people than the Islamic State has in the Middle East.