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'To Bless All Mankind'

Don’t take the (click)bait

“You didn’t hear? It’s all over the news!” a friend said to me. I hadn’t.

Is 2018 the year to defeat ‘fake news’?

In an annual Marist Poll, released last December, “fake news” ranked as the second-most annoying phrase Americans hear (“Whatever” is the perpetual winner). But however overused or misused the term has become, fake news isn’t likely to go away soon.

Meaningful giving

What makes a giver? A lot of heartwarming stories out there would suggest that there’s more to giving than simply dispensing funds. For example, in my community, children celebrating birthdays have asked friends to donate pet supplies to the local animal shelter instead of bringing gifts.

In the giving season, a special act of charity

End-of-year holidays such as Christmas have long been marked as a time for generous giving. The kick-off event has lately become “Giving Tuesday,” an initiative started in 2012 to counter the commercialism of Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Toward consistent cooperation

The Christian Science Monitor editorial on the facing page points to an inspiring example of how people can come together in a spirit of unity to improve the world we live in. Contrastingly, we all know that sinking feeling when collaboration with others is difficult or missing entirely.

An Arctic pact shows what’s possible

For decades, the Arctic has been viewed as a problem, a place of tension between nations with competing claims to its potential wealth, especially as the ice cap recedes. The top of the world might become a new Wild West.

A strong basis for national reconciliation

First Nation, Métis, and Inuit people in Canada are experiencing a spiritual and cultural resurgence, contributing more and more to the visual arts, theater, music, film, and politics. At the same time the whole country is moving beyond injustices toward these groups to effect national reconciliation between them and other Canadians.

People once at odds don’t try to even the score

After he declared victory over Islamic State (ISIS) on December 9, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi made an important promise to address the wide distrust between Sunnis and Shiites—which was the root cause of ISIS’s rise. “Iraq today is for all Iraqis,” he said, citing the rare unity of military forces during the final push against ISIS.

Christmas kindness, every day

World Kindness Day was November 13. A “random acts of kindness” event, #RAKFriday2017, was November 24.

Measuring the kindness of strangers

How many people honored last year’s World Kindness Day on Nov. 13, preferably with a random act of kindness? How many even knew about it? By one indicator, probably fewer than in previous years.