JSH-Online Search update

In response to user feedback and site testing, we're happy to announce the launch of new enhancements to the JSH-Online Search. These search refinements are designed to help users find the JSH-Online content they're looking for more easily.

Features include:

  • Users can now narrow their search as they enter more key words. Fewer and more relevant results will be returned as more key words are searched on, allowing users to find what they are looking for more easily.

  • Author and Title search fields are easier to find at the top of each results page

  • Word stemming is turned off, allowing users to search only the specific key words they enter without returning all variations of that word. A wild card symbol (*) can be added before or after a word to search for variations.

  • Stop words (e.g. is, are, they, if, etc.) are no longer excluded from the search index and are now searchable. This is particularly valuable when searching for a specific phrase.

Visit the JSH-Online Quick Tips Tutorial page later this week to watch two new videos about Basic and Advanced Search.

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