Gifted with agelessness

One summer morning when I was school age, I was playing golf with three players who had retired from their jobs years before. They were happy to include me, and right from the start we were having fun together. After one player hit his tee shot, I pointed to where it had gone, and with a hint of wistfulness in his voice he commented admiringly on my “young eyes.”

It was the first time I really took note of how ingrained the concept is that pain, restriction, erosion of abilities, and so on are inevitable as time goes by. The belief that we are destined to live a life that ultimately goes downhill is so widespread—do we stand a chance at overcoming age-based limitations?

I’ve come to find that, yes, we certainly do. Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “One with God is a majority.” That certainly is encouraging. It hints at how we are effectively governed and defended by God. Christian Science teaches that God is without an adversary. God is the one and only legitimate power, authority, creator.

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