I didn’t need to have my wisdom teeth removed.

The news from my dentist wasn’t good. After taking X-rays of my developing wisdom teeth during my regular dental cleaning, he told me that one of them was impacted and that I needed to make an appointment with an oral surgeon to have all my wisdom teeth removed. If I had one removed, he told me, then all of them should go. 

I’d had a tooth extracted before, and after that experience, I’d decided it wasn’t a route I wanted to take again. When I told the dentist this, he wrote on my chart that I had refused treatment, and told me that the only thing that could save this tooth was divine intervention. Well, that was exactly what I was counting on!

The dentist told me that the only thing that could save this tooth was divine intervention.

That’s why, after leaving the dentist’s office, instead of calling an oral surgeon, I called a Christian Science practitioner to pray for me. I knew this wisdom tooth issue could be healed through prayer because of the many healings I’d already had and what I’d learned from them about trusting God.

The practitioner and I talked about alignment—about the spiritual fact that even though it seemed like this tooth and a lot of other parts of my life were out of whack, in reality, I’m always aligned with God. God is Principle, which includes order, alignment, harmony. As Principle’s expression, I include these qualities, and they must be expressed in my life. I prayed to understand that concept of alignment better, not only for my tooth, but also for my relationships and everything else. 

One thing that puzzled me was how I would know that my tooth was properly aligned and that the healing was complete, since my wisdom teeth were not apparent yet, nor were they supposed to come in anytime soon. I asked the practitioner, and she assured me that I would know when I was healed. 

Although initially I still felt unsure about how I’d know, a couple of days later I understood what she meant. As the practitioner and I prayed together, the fear I’d been struggling with was replaced with a feeling of freedom—freedom that came from knowing that nothing could be at variance with the way God made me. I felt sure that everything in my life was harmonious and aligned with God, good. 

I felt sure that everything in my life was harmonious and aligned with God, good. 

Two weeks later, at lacrosse practice, I felt a nub of the very tooth the dentist had said would never come in and would have to be removed poking through my gum. The rest of the tooth came in quickly, painlessly, aligned, and perfect. The other aspects of my life also fell into place. 

Six months later, in December, when I went in for my next cleaning, the dentist was shocked. He asked what kind of intervention I’d had. My mom and I replied that we’d prayed. He declared it a Christmas miracle. But I knew it wasn’t a miracle. It was the natural result of bringing my thoughts into line with what was spiritually true about me as God’s perfectly aligned creation. A couple of years later, around the time wisdom teeth traditionally start coming in, the three other teeth emerged easily and beautifully.

I love Christian Science because it’s so practical. I can take what I’ve learned in Christian Science Sunday School and apply it to my life. And I also love that healing doesn’t just “fix” one little problem but touches all aspects of our lives, replacing fear or any inharmony with peace, health, and wholeness. 

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