A new translation every day

I use many different Bible translations every week to study the Christian Science Bible Lesson. On Monday, I look up every citation in the Good News Translation; on Tuesday, I use The Message; on Wednesday, the New Living Translation. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday vary because I enjoy several other versions, especially the James Moffatt Translation, the New International Version, and the English Standard Version. I turn to the King James Version on Sundays and when I reread the Bible Lesson in the evening.

My Christian Science teacher urged his students to continually read through the New Testament, a practice I started many years ago. In the last ten years, I have read through a different translation each time. Last year, I began reading the Hebrew Scriptures, the Old Testament, in The Message. Before that, I had never read the Old Testament through consecutively. My understanding and demonstration of Christian Science have increased with this in-depth study of the Bible, which I truly enjoy. I’ve been able to converse with other Christians more easily and with more confidence—they realize that Christian Scientists do value and study the Holy Scriptures.

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