Sentinel Watch

Sentinel Watch weekly podcasts tackle topics relevant to you and inspire prayer for communities and the world. Want to join the conversation? Record your ideas, inspiration, and questions, and send them to us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

December 4, 2023
With Francine Kiefer
November 27, 2023
With Amelia Newcomb
November 20, 2023
With Carlos A. Machado, Amy Richmond, and Julia Schuck
November 13, 2023
With Peter Daniel
November 6, 2023
With Honor Hill
October 30, 2023
With Makengo Ma Pululu
October 23, 2023
With Melanie Wahlberg
October 16, 2023
With Bill Carawan, Erika Parrish-Wilcox, Schuyler Sackett, and Masiah Wess
October 16, 2023
With Abigail Warrick
October 9, 2023
With Deborah Packer