Beyond terrorism to peace

Live audio chat with Christine Driessen, C.S.B.

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In this comprehensive coverage of the topic, Christine presents many hopeful and healing thoughts. She stresses the need to expect that goodness and love are a powerful force for bringing an end to violence because "we're going to see what we expect." To truly gain peace and healing among nations, she says that we need to go beyond human efforts and to understand the power of good and of divine Love to heal, redeem, and protect.

Site visitors ask specific questions about 9-11, including how to overcome bad memories about the event, how to overcome fear that there will be another attack, and how to bring a healing thought to the commemorations. Requests for ideas that would develop tolerance between Muslims and non-Muslims, for what world beliefs should be addressed in one's prayers about terrorism, and how to deal with cyber terrorism were also part of the chat. In her answers to these and other questions, Christine offers a wealth of spiritual concepts to inspire prayer.

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