How can I know God exists?

Live audio chat with John Tyler, C.S.B.

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Although this is “an enormous question,” John says, “it’s probably the most important question anybody could ever ask.” In his opening comments, he says that if we can first define who or what God is, then we can know God exists because we can “experience God’s government” in our lives and see proof of His goodness.

Listeners pose some honest and heartfelt questions of their own, such as: How does one move past merely acknowledging God’s existence to actually proving it through healing, when you’ve had the same problem staring at you for a long time? If healing in Christian Science is really a consistent thing, then do you heal everybody every time? How can I put faith in God when I feel He has done nothing to help me? I am angry with God and the idea of Him. And, Is there only one way to know God, or are there many paths, including other religions?

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