An angel on Strawberry Mountain

By being more Spirit-minded, we enjoy the vistas from God’s summit.

The divine Principle, Love, gives us the strength to climb every mountain and traverse every valley. The physical senses represent existence as materially based, but this false view is routed by replacing it with the absolute truth of being—the pure ideas of Soul, or God. These ideas are spiritual, emanating from God, Spirit. As we earnestly endeavor to live from the summit of spiritual being, we find that angel visitants—inspired thoughts from God—sometimes obvious, sometimes not, are always a very present help.

I annually attend my Christian Science association meeting and often travel to the location a day or two early to do some sightseeing. I found a mountain in Oregon in the United States and would often explore its trails and beautiful lakes. One year I decided to spend the night atop that mountain. I flew in, and then drove four hours to get to Strawberry Mountain.

Learning to trust
August 15, 2022

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