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Love holds the control

Understanding that divine Love is always governing allows us to relinquish a need to be in charge, and to let go of attachment to a certain outcome.
Keeping Watch
The angel message that awoke me on that mountaintop is evidence that angels are available to us all, awakening us to divine good. 

Learning to trust

A prayer about trusting in God.

When I quit blaming

Freedom from blaming others brings an unfathomable depth of purity, goodness, and love.
I now know with an unwavering conviction that we can turn to God and find freedom from suffering.

Renewal for the whole earth

Today, I’m giving much thought to an improvement that’s more basic: What will it take for the renewal that really secures a healthy environment? 
TeenConnect: Your Healings

Keeping up at camp

It was so easy to see that my campers’ energy comes from God—an unlimited source. This helped me realize that my energy also comes from God, not from getting more sleep or working less. 

Mother’s prayer protects daughter

It was unusual for me to be wide awake at that hour. Instead of wondering why, I was inspired to pray.
Testimony of Healing

Shoulder pain gone

When our thought is filled with the allness of God, whatever is unlike God fades into its native nothingness because it never had any more substance than a lie has. 
With relief, I accepted that God had been guiding me with “sure precision.”
Bible Lens


Paul defines spirituality as the true source of peace.
Letters & Conversations

Letters & Conversations

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