Tooth restored

In the spring of 2021, I had a regular dental appointment, which included full X-rays. The dentist showed me where the X-ray indicated that a root canal was necessary and explained that my tooth was dying. An appointment was made for me with an oral surgeon. I’d had a root canal two years earlier, and the goal of my prayer about the upcoming oral surgery was to understand that in Life as God, there is no dying or death of anything—including my tooth. 

The following passage in Unity of Good by Mary Baker Eddy proved most helpful in guiding my prayer: “Error says God must know death in order to strike at its root; but God saith, I am ever-conscious Life, and thus I conquer death; for to be ever conscious of Life is to be never conscious of death. I am All. A knowledge of aught beside Myself is impossible” (p. 18).

Reading that gave me immediate relief. To me, the passage first described the error underlying the diagnosis of a dying tooth, then gave instructions for how to pray about it. Over the next three weeks, whenever any concern about the scheduled surgery came up in my thinking, I reviewed that passage thoughtfully until I regained my peace. 

The afternoon of the appointment, the oral surgeon had my dentist’s X-ray indicating the need for the root canal mounted next to where I was going to have the procedure. He examined my mouth and did more tests. Then he said, “I will not do a root canal on a healthy tooth.” Surprised, I asked about the X-ray mounted next to me. He told me he had just done a clinical evaluation, and regardless of what the X-ray indicated, my tooth did not require a root canal.

I thanked him and also quietly thanked God. My prayer had not addressed a diseased tooth, but rather had affirmed that “a knowledge of aught beside Myself [God] is impossible.” 

When I went to the dentist this spring for my biannual cleaning, X-rays were again taken. When the dentist came in to examine me, I mentioned last year’s X-ray indicating a need for a root canal and asked about a comparison of the same tooth with this year’s X-ray. He placed the image of that particular tooth last year beside the one of the same tooth this year showing that it had healed. He said that the substance of the tooth is now solid, dense like an oak, and quite healthy with no evidence of any infection.

When I got home, I contacted his assistant and asked if she would email me the two different images of the healed tooth for my family history. She sent them, confirmed that they were the exact ones requested, and added, “Glad you had a good cleaning, and GREAT news on the healed tooth.” 

I am so grateful for this healing. It pointed out that effective prayer begins with God’s knowledge of creation and His allness, which has never been reversed.

Linda Ross
Norwalk, Connecticut, US

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