"Basking in the light"

Have you ever watched a sunrise with a friend or a member of your family? Words can hardly describe how beautiful the light can be sometimes. If you glance at each other, you see the soft glow of the sun’s light reflected on your faces.

Neither of you, of course, created any of the light or the beautiful colors. You both just bask in them. Even if you moved a mile apart from each other, you’d still be enjoying the same sun, the same light.

Things work in a similar way with the light of God’s love. People don’t create their own personal love with which to love others. They simply reflect the beauty of God’s love and happily share in it. No matter how far one person may be from another, they both are basking in exactly the same light, the same love that comes from God.

The Bible reassuringly points out that not a single thing, not even death, can take us away from the love of God (see Romans 8:35–39). And in the steady presence and brilliance of God’s love, nothing can separate us from each other.

All the love that another person has ever shared with you, you get to keep. It’s God’s love, reflected, and has a permanent place in your heart.

Mark Swinney
Sandia Park, New Mexico, US

The blessings of knowing God
July 25, 2022

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