A lesson from Sammy Squirrel

A young squirrel I like to call Sammy Squirrel lives in my backyard. He loves to sit on the fence in the sun while he eats his lunch—often a big nut. When it rains, he doesn’t have to hide inside a tree, because he has a beautiful, bushy tail that he pulls over his head like an umbrella to keep him dry. 

Of course, you aren’t a squirrel. And you don’t have a tail like Sammy. But you do have something even better. It’s called your spiritual identity. And like Sammy’s tail, it is always with you to protect you.

You can think of your spiritual identity as who you really are. And you can find out who you are by listening to God. God is always giving you good thoughts telling you that you are God’s child and that you are made in His image and likeness, as it says in the Bible.

Because God is all good, being made in God’s image means you must be good, too. Your identity includes all the wonderful qualities you reflect from God, such as goodness, kindness, strength, intelligence, and health. When you remember that these qualities make up who you are, you aren’t fooled by other thoughts that suggest you could feel sick or be hurt. 

That’s what happened for my friend Cristiane. One day she went to a birthday party and had a wonderful time. But later that night, after she had gone to bed, she couldn’t sleep because her tummy hurt. 

Cristiane went to her parents’ bedroom and told her mom that she didn’t feel well. They talked together about what God was telling her about His love and care for her. They also remembered that a tummy ache wasn’t part of her true identity. Her identity was made up of spiritual qualities, such as love, patience, and joy. And love, patience, and joy could never include pain or hurt—so neither could she. 

As she and her mom talked, Cristiane remembered who she really was. She felt so safe—surrounded by Love—and she soon went back to her bed. After a peaceful sleep, she woke up in the morning feeling perfectly well and ready for a big breakfast!

Sammy Squirrel has a wonderful, bushy tail to keep him dry during the rain. And you have a God-given spiritual identity that’s yours, rain or shine. Always full of health, harmony, and joy. Always keeping you safe.

With Love divine
July 25, 2022

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