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Even a child accepting destructive tendencies will respond to good, when prayerfully reminded that they are good and receptive to good because that’s how they are created by God.
Keeping Watch
As I’ve been praying about people who’ve fled their homes in Ukraine, I’ve been turning to the Bible, which has so many stories about people fleeing.
My wife and I are both embraced in the Christly love of God’s ever-presence, and we are each moving forward spiritually.

"Basking in the light"

In the steady presence and brilliance of God’s love, nothing can separate us from each other.
How I found Christian Science
Knowing that God is our true Father-Mother, the only creator, freed me from the anguish of seeing my husband as an alcoholic, and I saw him as he really was—peaceful, happy, and free, and a good husband and father.
You aren’t a squirrel. And you don’t have a tail like Sammy. But you do have something even better. It’s called your spiritual identity.

With Love divine

A prayer about expressing love in everything you do.

Tooth restored

The goal of my prayer was to understand that in Life as God, there is no dying or death of anything—including my tooth. 
Testimony of Healing

Heart trouble healed

God’s love is greater than any problem. I can see now that this great fact of being was operating in my thought even as the battle with fear continued. 
Testimony of Healing

Seeing clearly

I had felt resistance to praying about this particular issue. Now it seemed to be the only remedy.
Bible Lens


Jesus’ followers regularly identified their healing and preaching with the Master’s God-given power.
Letters & Conversations

Letters & Conversations

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